Preserving Sunnyvale’s Parks and Schools for the People of Sunnyvale

We are simply a group of neighbors (our Board of Directors) who have joined together to help protect Sunnyvale’s Parks and Schools

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Why we should not sell parks and open spaces

I spent many summers at raynor park as a child, and have brought my own kids there to play over the years. I have extended family in Sunnyvale and to allow an outside entity to have “preferred” priority use of raynor is wrong especially after property taxes paid by residents have paid for it’s continued upkeep since it’s inception.
Dion B., Novato, CA
Metro Little League has used (and taken good care of) that field for the past 40+ years. It is a treasure for all of us to share, not to be broken up and sold away…
Jeff B., Santa Clara, CA
I am concerned that this Joint Use Agreement in some ways is worse than selling the land outright. It gives the school exclusive rights to 2.5 acres of the current park (including some of the most useful sports fields) for the time/days the school needs/wants. In exchange, the school has to pay – next to nothing. It does not have to pay any fees for upkeep or maintenance, and it does not have to pay any property taxes or utilities.
Jeff P., Sunnyvale, CA