Board of Directors

Tim Dietrich
Tim DietrichCo-Founder, President
Born and raised in Sunnyvale, Tim has been a resident for 30+ years. He has been involved with seed engineering teams for internet startups for 13 years, and is currently working on developing cloud services with Fortinet, Inc. Tim has a B.S. degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington.

After moving back to Sunnyvale, in addition to his technology jobs, he coached swimming for both Gunn and Los Altos High Schools. He has since retired from coaching, and is devoted to spending time with his wife and two young children. Tim currently lives and works in Sunnyvale, and is passionate about making sure his children have ample learning and outdoor opportunities as they grow.

Wendy Hales
Wendy HalesCo-Founder, Vice President
Wendy is the mother of two and a Raynor Park resident since 2004. She has been an English teacher, a deputy sheriff, and for the past 13 years been a Certified Financial Planner. Like most parents, I want a high quality of life for my children. That’s why I decided to join “Save Sunnyvale Parks and Schools.”

With increasing population and development it becomes ever more important to preserve the parks and schools that we have for public use. Once you sell public property you can’t get it back. Further, even if it’s zoned for parks or schools, it can and does change, it can be rezoned for high density housing or retail space. Preserving park space for public use helps keep the quality of life for everyone. Please join us and the hundreds of concerned parents that want to keep public parks and schools in public hands.

Luke Faubion
Luke FaubionCo-Founder, Secretary
Luke, a husband and father of two, has lived in the Bay Area for over 46 years, and as Sunnyvale resident since 2003. He has worked in the healthcare industry for 20 years and as a recruiter for 3 years. For the last 7 years, he has worked in business development in the transportation industry. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration from San Jose State.

Coming from a large family (8 siblings), Luke has learned to appreciate the outdoors. As an avid sports enthusiast, local parks, recreation centers and schools provided needed access to safe areas to play. Feeling strongly about family and community, Luke joined in the formation of Save Sunnyvale Parks & Schools to insure that we have the public lands and buildings available to all of us, both now and in the future

Cyrus Fakhari
Cyrus FakhariCo-Founder, Board Member
Lawn and Landscape Therapist owner and founder, Cyrus Fakhari, grew up around the beauty of Los Altos, CA, and to him, being in nature has always been one of life’s greatest joys.

Cyrus started his landscaping career as a teenager, having taken a job working for a local landscaping company. From that moment on, there was no turning back; with his love for nature, he was hooked. He has become known as the “Landscape Therapist” for thousands of people throughout the bay area, as well as a teacher for the art of creating beautiful outdoor spaces. He is passionate about creating unique living spaces that are calming for the mind, good for the body, and friendly to the environment.

Demetrios Triantafyllou
Demetrios TriantafyllouCo-Founder, Board Member
Born in Greece and educated in the United States, Demetrios has been a resident of Sunnyvale for the last 33 years. He has been practicing Architecture and Facilities Management in the Aerospace and Pharmaceutical Industries since he came to the Bay Area in the early 80s.

Demetrios has been active in the neighborhood as a Board Member of the Raynor Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA) for the last 10 years. As a father of four and a grandfather, Demetrios values the need for good schools and public parks for our children in our community, and he is passionate about preserving our public parks and open spaces as well as protecting Sunnyvale public land for future public school needs.

Ray Smith
Ray SmithCo-Founder, Treasurer
No Bio Available
Danielle Savage
Danielle SavageSocial Media Manager
Danielle grew up in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pa, and stayed in her hometown to attend Temple University where she achieved her Mechanical Engineering degree. After collage she and her husband moved to Santa Fe NM to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory. After a stint as a ski bum, she took up work a non-profit in Espanola NM.

Her hobbies include knitting, crocheting, and home brewing. A recent arrival to California, she currently works for Indicate Technologies Inc. in Santa Clara.