An appeal of the Raynor Park sale decision has been filed

The City of Sunnyvale has contracted to sell public park facilities and use rights in park land to a private school, on the condition the City approves a use permit for the school’s operations.

In May of 2014, Save Sunnyvale’s lawsuit against the sale of Raynor Park was dismissed. You can read more about […]

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Raynor Park Lawsuit Update

First a heartfelt thank you to all of your support.  We really appreciate all the time and donations.  We couldn’t have come this far without you! 

The Lawsuit Judgement
Our first hearing in April broached the State’s Park’s Preservation Act. The City appealed to the judge’s sense of Government by stating that Save Sunnyvale Parks had […]

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    Judge rules in favor of Sunnyvale’s demurrer against California’s 1971 Public Park Protection Act

Judge rules in favor of Sunnyvale’s demurrer against California’s 1971 Public Park Protection Act

On May 2nd, 2014, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Hubert ruled in favor of Sunnyvale’s demurrer, and dismissed one of our claims that the sale of Raynor Park needs to abide by California’s 1971 Park Preservation Act. The Judge declared this because he reasoned that Raynor Park was not a park prior to […]

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Save Raynor – Heading into court on April 25th

It’s really happening: We are heading into California Superior court in San Jose on April 25th to stop our public land at Raynor park from being sold to a private entity.

Our legal team is doing final preparations — preparing to go before a California state judge Hon. Joseph Huber to argue that the City […]

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    Get engaged with the LCAP process for LCFF funding for Schools

Get engaged with the LCAP process for LCFF funding for Schools

On July 1, 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), the most comprehensive reform to California’s school funding system in 40 years. This changes the way school funding has been done and more importantly it moves control to the school district level on how they can spend their […]

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Over Crowded Schools and the Butchers Corner Development

In August 2013, Butcher’s Corner, the 5.3-acre site at the corner of El Camino Real and S. Wolfe Road, was sold to a well-known local developer.

The developer has published plans for a six (6) story mixed use development, creating 160 residential units. According to the Mountain View Patch, each housing unit adds between 1 […]

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Write up a guest post for our Save Sunnyvale blog

One of the things you hear after a candidate for Election loses and is often true.
There are a lot of low information voters out there.
One of our goals is to provide a framework to allow residents to understand the issues that affect them and make smart decisions. With our busy lives, information overload, misinformation […]

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    Unanswered questions regarding the RAC’s Conditional Use Permit

Unanswered questions regarding the RAC’s Conditional Use Permit

A lot has been coming out recently in terms of the Conditional Use Permits that other private schools in the Bay Area have received. And a lot has been coming out about the (lack of) enforcement over these conditional use permits.

For example, The Los Gatos Patch reported that after years of public pressure, the Los […]

Welcome to Save Sunnyvale Parks & Schools

The City of Sunnyvale is undergoing massive growth. All around us buildings are going higher and higher bringing in more traffic, pollution, and noise; while at the same time, impacting our public schools, displacing our native surroundings, and limiting access to open spaces and parks.

Due to the nature of the location of our […]

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