On May 2nd, 2014, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Hubert ruled in favor of Sunnyvale’s demurrer, and dismissed one of our claims that the sale of Raynor Park needs to abide by California’s 1971 Park Preservation Act. The Judge declared this because he reasoned that Raynor Park was not a park prior to the 1979 sale to the City of Sunnyvale.

We believe the judge got his decision wrong, for a variety of reasons:

  1. Raynor fields were indeed used for park and recreational purposes before the 1979 sale. **
  2. He didn’t evaluate prior court rulings, nor review the California legislature notes, which all recognize the dwindling open space and park resources for the residents of the state.
  3. City parks, while owned by a city, really do overflow and service multi-city residents and serve in the greater public health.

** We are looking for your help in finding photos, newspaper clippings, etc. of Raynor Park that show that it has been in use as a Public Park prior to the 1979 sale.

Save Sunnyvale is not ready to concede to this decision, and are still working on ways to protect not only Raynor Park, but all the parks in the city from sales that go to fund both development projects and budgeting gaps.

Land is one of the only resources the City of Sunnyvale has left, and selling it off should only be a last resort. The Raynor Activity Center and associated athletic fields should remain in the public’s hands, and utilized in any of a number of ways already proposed by the dissenting city council members (such as expanding the park, or leasing to a public school, etc.).

This ruling does not affect our CEQA case which will go forward with a hearing date on July 18th. We are requesting public attendance at this hearing, and will forward more information when we receive a courtroom number and time.

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