The City of Sunnyvale is undergoing massive growth. All around us buildings are going higher and higher bringing in more traffic, pollution, and noise; while at the same time, impacting our public schools, displacing our native surroundings, and limiting access to open spaces and parks.

Due to the nature of the location of our City; the climate, it’s Silicon Valley presence; population growth is inevitable. However, the current nature of the City Council is to encourage this growth by:

  • Selling off very valuable, and very limited, public land.
  • Building high rises that shadow the homes of neighbors, creating a sunset for some residents that is now 90 minutes earlier than before.
  • Letting traffic intersections become F rated.
  • Trading the well-being of our public schools with impacted classrooms and overcrowding.
  • Gifting parks to private parties via Priority Use Agreements
  • Modifying building codes, via amendments, to allow for density that exceeds restrictions set by our current zoning.

Our Mission

Save Sunnyvale Parks and Schools is an alliance of Santa Clara County Residents dedicated to keeping our parks and facilities open for public use. We want an organized vision of the long term future of the City of Sunnyvale, not piece meal. That future should include as many Public Parks, Open Spaces and the highest level of Public Education possible.

Our Goals

  • We seek to stop the privatization and sale of public parks, buildings and properties.
  • We seek to work with our elected officials to ensure that the public parks, buildings and properties are maintained and updated to insure the future needs of our citizens.
  • We seek to protect the natural character of our park lands in the process of providing recreational opportunities.
  • We seek reforms in the Recreation and Parks Department and Commission that mandate timely and inclusive community participation to ensure transparent planning and decision-making processes.
  • We seek to reform the way public lands and buildings are currently sold.

We understand that protecting educational resources from private schools

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